Some Like It Hot Review

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Today, I start counting down (or is it up?) the IMDb Top 100 Movies list with a classic comedy Some Like It Hot. For those of you interested in knowing more about this list and the challenge it is associated with, check out my previous blog post.


Some Like It Hot was released in 1959 and is now considered one of the greatest American comedy farces. The story is based off of a popular trope and sets up a simple enough set of events to follow. The main characters are two musicians Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) who get embroiled with a gang of mobsters when they inadvertently witness the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. With a troop of gangsters with a bad sense of humor, led by Spats Colombo (George Raft), chase after them, they have no choice but to run for their lives.

They don’t call him “Spats” for his bickering, if that’s any clue.

They find safe haven by joining an all-female band and head to Miami, Florida. Oh, and they also dress up as women and call themselves Josephine and Daphne. That’s where the awfully comedic part kicks in. In this band, they meet the ukulelist (is that what they’re called?) and lead vocalist Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe) and fall head over heels for her. So of course, they start to fight for her affection while still trying to maintain their lady-like demeanor.


Who wouldn’t? She’s the complete package with a pout.

This, coupled with a few extra complications and hare-brained schemes which I won’t delve into, is the comedic vice that the movie does its best to entrap you in. You’ve got the obvious line of route that they would take with the film, but the way they spin it is probably the reason why this film is on the list. Director and Producer Billy Wilder sure knew how to mix bumbling romances and murderous mobsters together. The movie does its best to mix humor and Bourbon in just the right amounts, with a casual swig of sex appeal every now and then. But honestly, the only reason this movie is so joyously good is the dialogue exchange between the “two musketeers” Joe and Jerry. Their conversations are hilariously witty and they seem to effortlessly play out even the worst situations in their own wacky stride.


Somebody get this man some coffee.

Memorable Movie Moment:
When Dapne breaks the news of her proposal to Josephine. Not only is one of them inebriated, but the actual plan cooked up to solve it makes this my favorite moment of the movie.

A great way to start off the list. I was interested in seeing Marilyn Monroe and how she would portray her character in the film after having read so much about her. Although I had expected her to be the star of the movie, my heart is still set on the duo of Tony and Jack. They were absolutely brilliant.

The next movie on the list is The Kid, one of Charlie Chaplin’s many great films. I’ve sadly never been able to watch one completely from start to finish, so I am looking forward to watching it.

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