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Some people might think it a little narcissistic to start off a blog with a giant banner of my face. Those people are absolutely correct.

My name is Haroon (Chaos is my online pen name) and this is my seventh attempt at blogging. My first couple were random experiments into the world of writing on the Internet. After that, I started to understand what goes into a blog and I created, which I had abandoned after some time. Then came a couple of tumblr blogs and a Blogger website (I know, I’m sorry). After all those attempts, I’ve learned a lot from my time scrolling web pages and writing furious comments on online boards. Now, I shall discard everything and start over. Its a new year after all, right?

Now, some of you would be wondering what the blog’s name is all about. Well, a clause is one of the cornerstones of English grammar. Seven is my favorite number and the most magical number in our realm. I put them both together while coming up with a name and ta da! We have a name for a blog.

I don’t really know what I’ll end up writing on this blog but I do hope to post regularly. Some of the ideas I have are reviewing movies, TV shows, video games and anime. Perhaps writing short stories and poems while taking part in some online writing contests. Only time will tell.

Happy New Year folks!

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  1. Abhirup
    January 2

    Good start to a blog. You’ve got a follower in me :D

  2. January 2

    You’re my favorite deputy. <3

  3. Emma
    January 5

    I can’t wait to read more of your blog!! It seems great so far :)

  4. January 5

    Thank you! I really enjoy reading your blog as well. Hope to excite and enthrall all my readers in the near future!

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