Distractions and Disaffections

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100 Movie reviews in 365 days. Hah.

Me from a year ago was such a simpleton. Clearly he did not take into account my laziness and disdain towards deadlines. But it’s okay. I got my back. We’re going to keep it going, no matter how long it takes. 100 movies in 100 years? Not a problem. Worst case scenario: My grandkids will need to guess my password in order to complete my legacy.


2015 has been an interesting year. Every year has been interesting, but this one in particular has been filled with ups and downs. More ups though. And that’s all I could have asked for.

I made so many new friends. I moved out to the city. I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about others. I reached 3,000 MMR points. I lost 3,000 MMR points. But I got it back though.¬†I crossed off quite a few things from my Bucket List and added a ton more. I finally got into reading Manga and now I can’t stop.
At this point I realized what I am writing is¬†basically a diary entry to my future self so I have decided to keep it that way. A year down the line I’ll come back to this post and note that I haven’t really changed much. The movie challenge will still be incomplete. My bucket list will keep on increasing. I’ll still be at 3,000 solo MMR. But I’ll still be happy.


See ya next year baka.

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  1. January 3

    Ups and downs huh ..,, i’m really interested in downss !!?

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