All About Eve Review

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This post is a part of a series of movie reviews of the IMDb Top 100 Movies. For more information on this, you can check out my blog post. This review may contain spoilers.


Yes, I know it’s been a while. Even though I’ve been watching movies every now and then, I’m down 5 months on writing the reviews. But that’s nothing a little binge bllogging won’t fix. All About Eve is up!

This movie is all about Eve Harrington (played by Anne Baxter), which you wouldn’t know unless you watched the movie of course. She’s a budding theatre star who finally meets her idol Margo Channing (played by Bette Davis) and is brought into her household as her understudy. Therein ensues the most high-strung drama you could possibly get from a movie about drama in the theatre of drama.


Baxter's Office

5 points if you can figure out which one really needs health benefits.

The story from Margaret’s side seems simple enough. You invite a girl who seems innocent and lost into your home, you give her the opportunity to grow into someone worth noticing. then she takes away everything and everyone you hold dear.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have little ‘ol Eve. She was thrust into a world of debonair and elegance found only in the theatre. Rather than retreat, she took them all by the horns and wrapped them around her little finger. All except Margaret of course. Marge could see straight through that hussy Eve. Enough drama for your mama.

tennis racket

Comedy is making spaghetti with a tennis racket as a strainer. Horror is not having washed it first.

Honestly I don’t know what to think of the movie besides the great acting performances and believable dialogue. The story was all about people in show biz and as much as that could appeal to someone, this one in particular didn’t so much to me. I enjoyed cringing at the adolescent tantrums Margaret sometimes threw though.

elevator girl

You don’t joke about corks. They’re scarier than sleeping pills.

Memorable Movie Moment:
Margaret’s Multiple Manic Tantrums.


All About Eve was just that. A titular story about the titular character. Not something I would watch again with enthusiasm, but I enjoyed it enough to write about it.

Continuing my list at 95 is a relatively recent film: Boyhood.

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